The Single Biggest No! No! On Instagram

Instragram is one of the fastest growing, if not the fastest growing social media sight today! Thus it begs to ask the question, are you on Instagram? If not, Why Not? Your customers are actively on Instagram to the tune of 300 Million Monthly Active Users, Liking over 1.6 Billion Pictures and uploading an Average of 70 Million Photos per Day, all that’s left to say is, Wow!

Source: Instagram press

Instagram is all about sharing your precious moments thru the unspoken magical wonder of photography, and giving validity to the phrase “A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words”.  This is the reason why so many companies have an Instagram presence. But you are not going to gain followers just by slapping some pictures  and coming us with a cool name for your site, you have to invest the time and effort in marketing your brand.

Just for the sake of argument, let’s say that you have done just that; Your marketing is all set, you have a killer content, and you have the best advertising your money can buy, then you do this:

Sorry this Company is Only for the Selected Few!


What are you thinking? This is the equivalent of hanging your Gran Opening Sign in front of your store or office and leaving the CLOSED sign on your Door, 1 in 10 will actually open the door, go in, and let you know that you left the Close sign on your door.

Social Media is all about socializing and engaging with your customers, make it easy for your customers to engage and socialize with your brand, be creative and always ask for their feedback, you will be pleasantly surprised on how much they can help you in finding out exactly what your audience is looking for and expecting from your brand.

Remember when I said that 1 in 10 will open the door, I said that because I believe that nothing in this world is that perfect, so I allowed a percentage to the unknown,  but in reality none of the people I spoke to would have open the door, they all said something to the effect: If I have to ask them for permission to see their products or to buy from them, well they can go …. them self – that’s putting it nicely! They were even unsympathetic to personal accounts with the privacy lock on them, to this I’ will say, if you have a personal account and you want it to be private I support you 100% is your discretion and your right but if you have a business account and you are selling or offerings services and goods to customers, HELL NO!

It’s all about engaging with your audience. Visit us on Instagram at: Whitelopezsm







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