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5 Must Have Social Media Platforms For Today’s Beginners.

There are numerous platforms today in the Social Media Universe. The million dollar question is which one works best for you? While we cannot answer this question for you as it depends solely on your needs and goals, in this blog today I will shed some light on the 5 Must Have Social Media platforms for Today’s Beginners.


This is a Social Media platform that allows you to share information on real-time, the cool thing about this is you are restricted to 140 characters. Each individual post is called a “tweet” allowing you to share photos, video, text and even links, however you must keep in mind that each hyperlink and photo takes up one of your precious 140 characters. There are a few tools online to help you shorten a URL hyperlink and save some of those precious characters, these are just a couple of them. Po. St and Google’s they are called URL shortener. Another cool feature is called “Re-Tweet”, this feature allows you to share other people’s post with your followers. There is no standard for posting on twitter, but I recommend that you post frequent and regularly throughout the day all while being careful not to post so many times a day that your followers drop you for “spamming”. I have a rule of thumb: post in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, this will ensure that your followers around the world will have the opportunity to view your posts while avoiding being dropped for spamming. Remember when I said that I thought that 140 characters was a cool thing? That was because I believe that 140 characters restriction forces you to be creative and will develop your Tweeting skills.

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With 1.28 Billion monthly active users Facebook is by far the world largest Social Media platform and without a doubt one of my favorites. Facebook gives you the ability to post just about anything you can dream up. As the world largest platform, Facebook gives you the biggest audience on which to develop your brand and share information about your business. In my humble opinion in today’s Social Media Universe, every business should have a Facebook profile. Un-like Twitter, Facebook has no characters limitation so you can post text, videos, photos, and website links and truly set your business apart from your competition. Make sure to take the time to set up your “About” page and all of your business or brand information. In today’s Social Media environment, content is key, so make sure to post content relevant to your business or brand and not just share something because it looks good or it’s cute. Make sure to ask your fans to “like”, “share” and “comment” on your posts.

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I call this one the sleeping Giant, Google is the Power House of the search engine world and Google+ is the forgotten child. Having said that, now that Google has relaxed their true name policy, businesses finally have the ability to use their name and truly explore the world of possibilities and marketability of their brand, and because this is a Google product any content and postings made here will rank higher than similar content from other sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can post any style of post on G+ from text, videos, photos and links. Google+ has a huge advantage over Facebook: It allows you to categorize your followers into groups called “Circles” giving you much more control on who sees your post. This feature alone put’s it way ahead of its rival, Facebook. I strongly suggest that if you haven’t done so yet, that you truly give this a try to see how it works out for you because I believe that the best is yet to come from this sleeping Giant.

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This is becoming one of my favorite Social Media platform out there. With approximately 60 Million pictures uploaded daily, this is the HOTEST up and coming Social Media platform out there today. You better watch out Facebook! Because Instagram is right on your tail, ironically, Facebook owns Instagram. This site is all about photos, pictures of you, your kids, your business and products; snapshots of your everyday life. Everything you do on Instagram has a photo attached to it, you can add comments likes to increase the level of engagement with your followers. Instagram is a lot like Twitter in that you don’t get to approve your followers unless your account is set to private, that’s why you must pay close attention to what you post on Instagram because everyone will see your post. In case you are wondering why you should consider Instagram as one of your Social Media platforms, picture this “25% of all fortune 500 companies use Instagram” Source: The Next Web, and “Instagram posts generates 1.6 Billion likes daily” Source: Instagram press.

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This is one very interesting Social Media platform. From its humble beginnings as a craft and recipes sharing, Pinterest has evolved into a highly visual content shearing platform that allows you to “pin” images to different boards of interest. Pay close attention to your visual content because everything here is done with the simple purpose of sharing, so make sure it’ s very appealing. One cool feature of this site is that your pictures and links can be linked back to your site, thus generating additional traffic. You can also include descriptions up to 500 characters, make sure to always include the address to your website in the description if you are selling products. Also include the price using the “$” so Pinterest will automatically create a price banner across your image.

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4 thoughts on “5 Must Have Social Media Platforms For Today’s Beginners.

  1. Very insightful for beginners! Also, for some time now, Instagram allows us to post short video clips. It’s convenient for businesses when a picture isn’t enough.


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